11 Things Everyone Does Wrong At Work

Nobody is perfect! We all do things from time to time that could be viewed as unprofessional or unconventional.

Most are on accident, but we’ve put a list together of a few that really stand out and people remember.

  1. Oversharing personal information. Your co-workers do not need or want to know about the fight you had with your boyfriend last night or how you need to make more money because you can’t pay your bills. Call your best friend and vent on your own time.


  1. Never talking about your successes. Your colleagues should know about a recent project that you perfected so they can further support you and realize your talents. It will go unnoticed if you don’t speak up and talk proud about it!


  1. Complaining to the wrong people. You’re not solving any problems here when you voice your dislikes to a co-worker that is on the same level as you. Make sure that you relay your thoughts to a Human Resources professional that can give you helpful advice and many times change the situation.


  1. Not completing menial tasks. Yes, it’s inconvenient to have to add paper to the printer. But saying “that’s not my job” or failing to lend a hand with the little things will reflect badly on you, looking like you are not willing to help out when it’s needed. You are using the printer aren’t you and you need paper so why is that above your job duties?


  1. Trying too hard to fit in. Companies like individuality! Use your uniqueness to your advantage, make new suggestions and share your creativity. Don’t try to break all the rules just mention ideas in brainstorming meetings.


  1. Taking over the office kitchen. Maybe it’s not a good idea to microwave last night’s left over fish. Just like too much perfume or cologne can make some people sick, so can an overpowering fish scent or something as simple as too much garlic. Not doing your dishes and not cleaning up after yourself is a big “no-no” too. You share the space it is not your personal kitchen at home.


  1. Gossiping with work friends. It can be incredibly temping to chat with your work buddies but it can also lead to a lot of secrets, wasting tons of time, destroying productivity and often times hurting other people’s feelings as they may think you are talking about them if they are not included in the conversation.


  1. Leaving long voicemails. It is best to get to the point quickly or you are going to lose the interest and the attention of the message holder. Request a meeting to go over lengthy details or email information to make it easier to understand.


  1. Holding your breath and bad posture. Too much stress is bad for your health! It’s easy to get buried in work and let the pressure get the best of you. You may forget to breathe correctly, as silly as that may sound! Take a second to unwind by sitting up as tall as you can, breathe in through your nose until you fill your lungs and then slowly exhale through your mouth.


  1. Waiting for instructions. Companies LOVE go-getters and self-starters! Don’t sit around waiting to be managed. If you have idle time speak up and ask if you can help someone!


  1. Making excuses if you mess up. It can be really embarrassing if you make a mistake at work. So scary that you might try to cover it up but that can only make things worse. It’s better to acknowledge the problem and correct it! Quickly! Everyone will appreciate you going back and fixing your mistake. It will also set a good example for the next person that messes up.

Most of us can get through the work day without checking off too many on this list. But, if you just realized that you do several of these things on a daily basis you could be delaying progress, causing problems and even making things more difficult for your coworkers!

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