4 Things Employers Do That Create A Negative Hiring Experience

*73% of candidates say the job search process is one of the most stressful things in life!

Health, relationships & finances also made the list of course…

It all starts with the application process. 34% of job seekers said that having to customize resumes and cover letters for every job tops the list. However, lengthy applications and websites that are not mobile friendly are also frustrating to candidates.

Not having enough company information. *89% of job seekers that were surveyed said that an employer’s career site is extremely important for getting key information about the company yet only 45% say they can actually tell what it would be like to work for a company based on the information provided.

P.S. If you’re an employer and your company site is lacking values, ethics, and perks, applicants will do their research on other sites such as social media, google and yelp!

Not communicating enough. *81% said that if they received status updates, even if it was the company saying that they have chosen a different candidate it would greatly improve the hiring experience.

Applicants said that if a timeline was given to them or even if a website to check either progress was available it would be helpful so they don’t have to call to check in with you frequently.

Lastly, employers not being in touch once the position has been accepted. *40% of job seekers say there is too much time between the first day they accepted the job and the first day of actual work.

A simple email with instructions on how to prepare or what to expect next is helpful. Applicants might reach out to you if they think they should have heard something from you by now and it raises red flags about how organized you, or the company in general really is.

Hiring is a tough job! Trust me, we know! One good thing about using a staffing agency is that you don’t have to worry about any of this! We will be the middle man and make sure everyone is on the same page the entire process.

If your company falls under any of these categories it can cause a negative impact on your potential applicants and sometimes confuse candidates! We’ve seen several employees not start on the right day because of lack of communication, not wear the right attire or show up to the wrong location on the first day!

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