5 Things That Make Hiring Managers Think You’re Too Desperate

  1. Following Up Too Frequently! Yes, you want feedback! But, appearing to be OVERLY eager can become annoying so you need to be cautious about how you check in! According to a new survey 52% of job seekers say that the lack of response from employers causes the biggest frustration. 81% say that if employers would communicate more on their status it would greatly improve their hiring experience. So you are not alone there!


  1. Applying To Several Jobs At The Same Company. Managers want YOU to KNOW what your next career move is going to be instead of just guessing. If you apply to multiple jobs at the same company at the same time, you might look desperate and unfocused on what you really want to do. So pick one that highlights your experience!


  1. No Salary Requirements. Yes, it is good to be flexible but any experienced professional knows what they are worth. Do a little research and see what your job title should be making, in the city that you live in!


  1. No Specific Title Expected. Just make sure you are moving toward your career goal and not crossing into another department where the title might not compliment your resume experience.


  1. No Questions Asked. If you were on a date, do you want to be the only one talking? Nope! Try to engage in a pleasant conversation with hiring managers! Even if you know it’s a great company to work for and you’ve done your research….still ask them why employees stay, benefits plans and what their culture is like!


It is always good to stand out from the crowd when you are applying for jobs, but make sure you are not standing out in a negative way!


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