6 Things Hiring Managers DON’T Want In A Candidate

You’re a good candidate and the job market is rough. But are there other reasons you’re not getting the job offer?

A recent survey shows that only 17% of hiring managers are saying that job seekers have the skills they’re looking for.

Is it possible that you have some qualities that are leaving a bad impression?

*Lack Of Energy. Are you excited about the job and the company? If not, that could be showing through! Try having some enthusiasm!

*Bad Use Of Free Time. Do you have any skills or interests that you can expand on when you’re not at work? A second job, personal business or professional hobby will show your true personality and time management. Hiring managers want to see you’re human and not a robot!

*Procrastinating. Show examples of previous times that you’ve completed a big project or can meet short deadlines. Demonstrate that you spend your time well, how you jump right in and get the job done all the way through to completion.

*Being Unprepared. Don’t show up to the interview without researching the company and the position first. Know what type of work the company does and have a few additional questions ready too.

*Job Hopping/Bad Job Stability. Every employer looks at your job history. If you tend to leave a company after less than 6 months or have had several jobs in the past 2 years it could throw up a red flag. That doesn’t mean that you need to lie on your resume by any means but could show signs that you are difficult to work with or even unsure of what you really want to do professionally. Provide examples of how you are dependable.

*Negative Online Presence. At least 37% of hiring managers check potential candidates social media sites! Make sure your accounts don’t show anything you wouldn’t want a future employer to see! Build a professional network on LinkedIn or start a professional twitter page if you do not have any current social media sites linked to your name. Google your name and see what comes up!

If you think that you could have made a bad impression with any of the attributes mentioned above, think quick to resolve the problem! These 6 simple traits CAN hurt you in the long run!