Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

This section will provide answers to the most common questions people ask about WorkPlace Staffing Services.

Employee Frequently Asked Questions:

When is payday?

Payday is EVERY Friday if you make sure we have your time card by 1:00 every Monday.

What if my time card is late?

If you do not get your time card in before 1:00 every Monday we have to wait till we run payroll again the following Monday. You will simply have hours from both time cards in the next week’s paycheck.

What if my supervisor does not sign my time card?

Still send it in. We will call and get a verbal approval or confirm the hours stated are correct through email or other communications. If you do not send in your time card you will not be paid.

When are W-2’s sent out?

By law all companies have until January 31st to send out tax information. Please remember to update your address with us before the end of the previous year to ensure that it will be sent to the right location. If you need a copy call 330-926-1880 and request a copy.

How do I end an assignment?

Call your counselor. If you are unhappy for any reason talk to your counselor about the options before you make any decisions. We expect you to remain professional throughout our relationship. Do not walk off an assignment or quit without any notice. Please provide us the courtesy to find a replacement for our client and we will gladly continue to work with you to find you the best fit for you.

Client Frequently Asked Questions:

How long has WorkPlace been in business?

We’ve been in business since October 1997

What areas do you staff for?

We staff mostly Medical and Office Professionals. Whether you need help in Finance or Accounting, Customer Service, Sales, Administration, Human Resources or Medical staff to assist physicians or back office staff in a medical environment we are the Staffing firm you need!

How does your process work?

You will need to speak with a consultant about your company needs. From there we will send you some qualified candidates information including a resume, profile and 2 professional references. We also have short Video Profiles that you can watch instead of the traditional paper resume!

How much experience does your staff have?

Here at WorkPlace our staff has a combined experience of 50 years in the Staffing Industry. We also have Certified Staffing Professionals on site.

What locations do you staff for?

WorkPlace is proud to provide the Akron, Canton and greater Cleveland areas with high quality employees and superior, personalized employment services.

Applicant’s Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get signed up with your company or how can I be considered for an opening?

Simply send in an updated resume to or fax to 330-926-9511. You can also fill out our online application and upload your resume directly from the website.

Will I have to pay a fee?

No! WorkPlace is completely FREE to applicants!

Do you staff applicants with criminal convictions?

We are in accordance with the EEOC guidelines that took effect on April 25, 2012. We do not discriminate individuals with criminal convictions. We check the facts and circumstances around the offense or conduct as it becomes relative to a specific job.

Is this a Temporary Agency?

We concentrate on PERMANENT placements here at WorkPlace. However, occasionally our clients do have temporary assignments. If you are only interested in a Permanent career position we will only consider you for those openings.

What locations do you staff for?

WorkPlace is proud to provide the Akron, Canton and greater Cleveland areas with high quality employees.

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