Give Yourself The Gift Of Employment

You cannot expect change if you don’t change what you’re doing.

Most job seekers that are finding employment are constantly changing the way they search for jobs.

And before you make any changes you have to believe it’s possible.

*Some realities in today’s job market:

  • Over 50% of job seekers found their job by networking
  • Over 30% of job seekers found their job by marketing themselves

So that leaves 20% of job seekers that found their job by using other resources like job boards and online postings.

Reevaluate your goals and review your search.

  1. Determine what you honestly want. (Title, location, industry & salary)
  2. Believe your goal is achievable.
  3. Write down your goal and read it as you are searching.
  4. Determine daily minimum standards.
  5. Identify how to overcome obstacles that you’ve faced.
  6. Determine if you need additional schooling, knowledge or specific skills.
  7. Strategically build your network on a daily basis.
  8. Plan ahead-make a list of calls to make each day.
  9. Visualize yourself accepting an employment offer.
  10. Spend a minimum of 35 hours a week on your job search if you are unemployed. 10-15 if you are employed.

Improve your results by using these tips! Turn your job search around…… Starting NOW!

*Career Advisor – Candidate Next Step – Barb Bruno – December 16, 2015.