Halting Your Job Search Till The New Year

It can be tempting to stop searching for a new career till the New Year.

However though, you should be doing just the opposite!

Escalating your efforts to find a job around the holidays can have a positive impact and here’s why…

  1. Hiring authorities have hiring budgets that they need to spend by the end of the year.
  2. If they do not spend their hiring budgets, it’s possible that they will be reduced the following year.
  3. Less competition – after the 1st of the year, one of the TOP New Year’s Resolutions is to find a new job.
  4. Job satisfaction is at historic lows which may cause movement in the job market through the end of the year.
  5. Seasonal jobs are open. Companies need help. Even just landing a temporary position may get your foot in the door and lead to a permanent position. Any additional experience is helpful and shortens the job gap. Plus the extra money around the holidays always comes in handy.

Think about it, if you’re considering putting the job search off until the New Year, others might also think that way! So, it’s best to stay on top of the game and keep going!

Rather than getting frustrated and upset about your current employment situation, try to concentrate on the positive things you can celebrate. Family, Friends, Home, Good Health and Freedom.

A confident or thankful outlook can change your views on your job search and radiate good energy.

Accept any and all professional activities to increase your networking. When asked what you are currently doing for work, respond that you are a free agent in the job market and open to new opportunities. That will open doors and cause individuals to ask you about your experience and will increase your marketing standpoint.

End each day on a positive note so that you can go on with your day and not dread the next search.

Give yourself the gift of employment this year and try something new! You might be surprised what happens when you remove yourself from your comfort zone.

Happy Holidays!

*Career Advisor – Candidate Next Step –WorkPlace Staffing Services Career Portal  11/23/2016