Keep Calm & Job Search On

You may not be aware of some current realities that have an impact on your job search. Don’t panic! The more knowledge you gain about finding employment the more it will help you increase your chances of surviving “the search” while you are looking for a new career.

  1. *Your Job Search May Take Longer Than You Expected.

It could take up to 5 weeks from the first interview to land a job offer for some mid-level positions and may take even longer for higher level positions. Competition is so high for most opportunities due to technology and the amount of applicants that apply.

  1. *Your Job Search Is A Numbers Game.

If you aren’t sending out several resumes a day and adding new contacts (daily) to network with, you are losing momentum! Keep up the pace and keep connecting with managers, hiring heads, Human Resources Professionals and contacts at companies that are hiring!

  1. *Your Resume Could Be Sabotaging Your Job Search.

You need to constantly update your resume! Some people even have multiple resumes to be geared towards a specific industry, job title or software knowledge. Hiring heads look for key words in your resume, so each position that you apply for, and are qualified for, needs to be directed towards the task at hand. Let’s say you are applying for a receptionist position, you need to have all previous reception and phone experience on your resume to show that you know how to do the job! The job description says they’re looking for scheduling experience? Make sure the word “scheduling” is on your resume or it may get skipped over! Even if you think it is a “no brainer” that scheduling goes hand in hand with the job, it will stick out and separate you from candidates that do not have any previous scheduling experience!

  1. *You May Not Be As Marketable As You Originally Thought.

If you have been on the job market for a while now and are not seeing results it may be time to start targeting different job titles, industries or a specific area. Branch out of your usual search and try applying in a different nearby city, or submit your resume for a position that you are over qualified for or possibly even in a separate industry than you are used to working in. Some employers like candidates to be “moldable” to complete the job as they wish not how you have learned in the past. Or maybe it is your resume as mentioned above in #3. It may be time to consider getting it reviewed by a professional.

  1. *Over 60% of Jobs Are Filled As A Result Of Networking.

Ever heard the saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know?” Well, in some instances that is TRUE. Keep building both your professional and personal network. Eventually you will start hearing about openings that are not being advertised, giving you the edge against the competition that can help you land that job.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Strengthen your weaknesses so you can improve upon them and increase your marketability. Understanding these current realities will help you to set realistic goals, overcome challenges and maintain a positive outlook.

*Career Advisor – Candidate Next Step – – Current Realities That Impact Your Job Search – February 19, 2015