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I understand that physically showing up for work is an essential element of this job. My failure to comply with this requirement will result in termination.
 At- Will Employment: 

Ohio is an “At-Will” state and WorkPlace Staffing Services is an “at will” employer.    This means that employment with WorkPlace can be terminated with or without cause or notice at any time, at the option of either the client, staffing service or employee, except as otherwise provided by law.

Staffing agreements, handbooks or policies and procedures are not intended to create a contract of continued employment, employment for a specific term, or any contractual obligation or legally enforceable obligation on the part of the company.

The company has the right to revise any agreement, handbook, policy or procedure.

Any changes in the “at will” relationship can only be done in writing and with the signature of the employee and a member ranking company official.

Equal Opportunity:

It is the policy of WorkPlace Staffing Services to afford equal opportunity for employment to individuals regardless of race or ethnicity, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, age, physical handicaps, ancestry or other basis prohibited by law.

The policy concerning equal employment opportunity requires that:

  • In established qualifications for employment, no provision or requirement will be adopted that would be discriminatory on the basis of such protected characteristics as race, color, national origin, age, sex, handicap, or religious affiliation, except where a bona fide occupational qualification exists.
  • No questions in any examination, application form, or other personnel proceeding will be so framed as to attempt to elicit information concerning protected characteristics from an applicant, eligible candidate, or employee.
  • No appointment to or removal from a position will be affected in any manner solely by the person’s protected characteristics and further that it will be the responsibility of all employees to abide by and carry out the provisions of this policy.
  • Any employee or job applicant who feels that he/she has been subjected to discrimination by employees, officers, or agents of WorkPlace Staffing Services is required to report the incident or complaint directly to his/her counselor, supervisor, or human resource who will investigate and attempt to resolve the manner. If such person (counselor, supervisor or human resource) is alleged to be the offending employee, the employee may report the incident or complaint to an owner.


Application Policies:

  • We do accept all pertinent applications but we do not hire all applicants.
  • We may not interview an applicant on the day of application.
  • We may or may not call the applicant on another day for an interview.
  • We do not make hiring decisions instantly. Depending upon the number of applicants, decisions may take several days. Hiring decisions are based on a number of factors.
  • We put the applicants resume in front of our clients and the clients make the decision if the applicant is qualified for the position and a fit for the hiring company.
  • We will call the applicant if we have a job proposal from the client.
  • We ask that the applicant complete an application form, tax forms and the I-9 form as required by federal, state and local government at the time of an interview to expedite the hiring process in the event a job proposal is put on the table. This information is stored according to government guidelines.


Job Offer:

A job offer is contingent upon successful completion of a civilian background check and/or drug test and/or tobacco testing depending on the testing requirements of the place of employment.

  • Candidates are to consider when accepting an assignment:

To only accept the assignments with a commitment to complete the assignment.

To not accept an assignment that will interfere with a previous commitment.

It will not count against the candidate, if a position is not accepted.  However, if the candidate continuously is offered work and does not accept the offers, we will consider this a voluntary resignation.  Credibility of the candidate is based upon dependability and responsibility.


Finalization Process:

Upon hire the candidate will need to complete the finalization process. This process will ensure that all information for federal, state and local compliances have been met as well as making sure the candidate understands the policies and procedures. The candidate will be asked to complete all necessary paperwork and be given an opportunity to ask any questions about the hiring process and the new position prior to starting to work.

Probation Period:

All temp-to-hire employees are hired for a contracted number of hours.  These hours are considered a trial period in order to aid both our employee and his/her potential employer in seeing how well our employee will fit into their workplace.  During this time our employee will be evaluated on attendance, behavior and performance.  Reviews will be made by the hiring supervisor of the potential employer.  If for some reason the working arrangement is not satisfactory to one or either party, the employment relationship can be severed at any time. After the trial period, if the employer chooses to hire our employee, that employee will go onto that employer’s payroll and then become the responsibility of that employer.

Completing an Assignment:

When an assignment is to end, it is the employee’s responsibility to contact WorkPlace to inform their counselor of the end date.  The employee is required to return any item(s) in their possession to WorkPlace or the company where they were assigned. In the event, there is a failure to return the item(s) to the rightful party, the employee’s paycheck will be held until all item(s) are returned and returned in the same condition as they were given.

In addition to our policies I understand when an assignment ends it is my responsibility to contact WorkPlace Staffing Services within 24 to 48 hours if I wish to continue with their services. If I fail to do this WPSS will assume that I am off the market.

Absenteeism and/or Tardiness: 

It is the policy of WorkPlace that our employee is to contact both WorkPlace and the contact person at the place of employment when the employee will be calling off work.  A call should be made no less than an hour prior to the workday so that backup for the day can be provided.

Absences for medical reasons should be supported by a doctor’s excuse. In the event time off is needed for an appointment, etc. a call should be made by the employee to WorkPlace prior to contacting the employer.  WorkPlace will contact the employer for the employee to arrange this requested time off.

Our counselors are available 24 hours a day, via voice mail.

Employees that are repeatedly tardy or absent may be in jeopardy of job termination.  No show/no call will result in job abandonment and a voluntary quit.

Walking off and/or No Notice

Walking off an assignment will be considered job abandonment and/or voluntary quit. Quitting an assignment without a 48 hour notice will result in a reduction to the employee’s wage to minimum wage for their final paycheck.  This will terminate the employee’s relationship with WorkPlace and will not be considered for rehire.

Rules and Code of Conduct:

The following are rules of misconduct which require NO disciplinary action and may result in immediate termination.  While the list is comprehensive, it is not intended to cover every possible condition.  Due to the fact that our company represents many areas of employment WorkPlace has tried to cover all areas within this policy.

A. The following examples of misconduct will result in immediate dismissal, except under the most extenuating circumstances: 

  1. Violation of any Code of Ethics (Staffing, Nursing, Case Management, Medical Assistance, Accounting, etc.)
  2. Theft: Forgery
  3. Committing acts in violation of governmental laws, common decency of morality on company or client’s property.
  4. Willful destruction of property.
  5. Possessing firearms, illegal knives or any other type of weapon on company or client’s property.
  6. Illegally obtaining, possessing, selling, or using drugs or hallucinatory substances or being under the influence of same on company or client’s property.
  7. Unauthorized drinking of alcohol or being under the influences of same while on duty on company or client’s property.
  8. Walking off the job without permission.
  9. Failure to call or show for work. No Show, No Call, No Job.

B. Depending on the circumstances, the following examples of misconduct may also result in dismissal. 

  1. Falsifying the employment application or omitting pertinent information from these forms at time of employment.
  2. Falsifying any records.
  3. Tampering with or punching another employee’s time card/sheet.
  4. Giving false time records or permitting another to complete your time card/sheet.
  5. Failure to clock out for breaks or lunch.
  6. Abusive treatment of co-workers and/or management/office staff and/or visitors. This includes gossip or disparaging remarks of any kind.
  7. Smoking in restricted areas.
  8. Disclosing financial, private or other confidential information about co-workers, management, office staff, company or clients without permission.
  9. Violation of cell phones, personal phone calls and texting policies on company and client’s property.  Use of the internet for personal reasons on company time.
  10. Inappropriate dress or appearance – not following dress code policies.
  11. Insubordination or failure to carry out instructions issued by supervisors.
  12. Gambling, fighting, and using abusive, obscene or threatening language or disorderly conduct on company or client’s property.
  13. Maliciously making statements which are slanderous about co-workers, management, office staff, visitors, company and/or client.
  14. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness without permission is considered unexcused.
  15. Absent during working hours without permission or acceptable reason.
  16. Sleeping while at work.
  17. Creating or contributing to unsafe or unsanitary conditions.
  18. Seeing visitors during working hours.  Relatives are discouraged from visiting employees while at work, unless approved by the supervisor for good reason.
  19. Acts in disregard of established company, departmental policies and procedures as well as client policies and procedures.
  20. Failing to notify the counselor when absent or following the call-off guidelines.  All employees must notify the counselor first and then the employer when absent or calling off.   Messages are not to be left on a recorder or in voice mail of the employer; however a message may be left for the counselor.


Harassment on the Assignment:

While employed with WorkPlace, it is crucial that the employee report any unwanted or uninvited harassment (sexual or otherwise) to their superior/counselor. WorkPlace Staffing does not tolerate any form of harassment from its employees.  Harassment is grounds for immediate termination and may be cause for legal action.


WorkPlace Staffing Services intends to provide work environments for its employees that are pleasant, healthful, comfortable, and free from intimidation, hostility or other offenses, which might interfere with work performance.  Harassment of any sort – verbal, physical, visual, sexual – will not be tolerated.

Harassment can take many forms.  It may be, but is not limited to:  words, signs, jokes, pranks, intimidation, physical contact, or violence.  Harassment is not necessarily sexual in nature.  Sexually harassing conduct my include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any other verbal or physical contact or a sexual nature that prevents an individual from effectively performing the duties of their position or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment, or when such conduct is made a condition of employment or compensation, either implicitly or explicitly.

All employees, and particularly managers, have a responsibility for keeping the work environment free of harassment.  Any employee, who becomes aware of an incident of harassment, whether by witnessing the incident or being told of it, must report it to their immediate manager or any management representative with who they feel comfortable.  When management becomes aware that harassment might exist, it is obligated by law to take prompt and appropriate action, whether or not the victim wants the company to do so.

Any incidents or harassment must be immediately reported to a manager or other management representative.  Appropriate investigation and disciplinary action will be taken.  All reports will be promptly investigated with due regard for the privacy of everyone involved.  Any employee found to have harassed a fellow employee or subordinate will be subject to severe disciplinary action or possible discharge.  WorkPlace Staffing Services will also take any additional action necessary to appropriately remedy the situation.  No adverse employment action will be taken for any employee making a good faith report of alleged harassment.


Firearms are not permitted at any time on WorkPlace Staffing Services or on any assignment premises.  Violation of this safety requirement will result in termination.


All employees have a clear moral obligation to keep secret any information relating to a client, which is learned during the course of professional duties.  This includes financial, medical and personal information gained by examination, treatment, observation and conversation.

Confidentiality of communication in a medical situation is a principle tenet of the medical code of professional ethics. The employee is not to disclose proprietary information about the client employer as it relates to the companies day to day operations, client lists or protected marketing information.  The employee will not make disparaging comments about the employer, its agents, representatives or other employees.  Any such comments may lead to dismissal.

Drug/Alcohol Policy:

It is the policy of WorkPlace Staffing to prohibit the use, possession, concealment, transportation, or distribution of drugs, alcohol and/or other controlled substances while employed or on the premises of WorkPlace Staffing or any client employer site.

Applicants and employees of WorkPlace may be required to submit to testing for the following reasons: pre-employment, pre-assignment, post-offer, on-the-job incident, and/or probable cause. Employees MAY be required to pass a urine drug & alcohol screen as a pre-requisite for hiring.  During the first 90-day probationary period the employee may be asked to report for a second drug screen.  The Medical Review Officer will review all positive drug screens.  The Medical Review Officer will be appointed by WorkPlace Care

Some assignments may require that the employees share in the cost of the drug screen by paying half of the cost in advance.  If the employee passes the test, the monies will be refunded immediately to the employee.

In the event that WorkPlace paid for an employee screening (physicals, drug test, nicotine test and background investigation) that was required by the employer prior to placement, should the employee fail the test, decide NOT to show up for work or decline the offer after being accepted, with the client employer and confirmed acceptance with WPSS, the employee will be required to pay for the employee screening.

However, if the employee accepts the position and completes the assignment he/she will not be charged for the screening.


Employees reporting to a job that requires excellent health status may be required to have a physical as part of the conditions for employment.   The applicant may be required to have a back flexibility test, if physical findings are indicated.

Smoking Policy:

The Ohio Law prohibits smoking in public places. The use of electronic cigarettes follows the same restriction for tobacco use.  The employee is required to following the no smoking policy.

Personal Phone Calls:

Employees are encouraged to make personal phone call on breaks and lunch periods only.

Cell Phones:

Cell phones are a distraction in the workplace and should be avoided. Texting at the workplace should only take place on breaks. Employees are prohibited from the use of cellular phones, hands free and/or text messaging during business hours unless approved by a supervisor. Employees who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including employment termination.


Every employee is responsible for the protection of information that the computer stores, processes, or transmits and will be accountable for the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of information.  Users have the responsibility to protect the network access entrusted to them.  Users should not download any items or programs onto the network without written permission from the owner.  “No expectation of privacy” for company-issued devices and technology should be expected.

Social Media:

Employees are prohibited from using social media on the employer’s time without written permission from the employer.  Employees should use caution when posting to social media websites and they are encouraged to refrain from defamation of the employer’s goods and services on social media.

Dress Code:

Policy: Our appearance is the first acknowledgment of our professionalism to our clients.  Supervisors maintain the right to use progressive discipline in enforcing dress code policy.

Personal appearance must be appropriate for safety; for function in a healthcare and/or administrative office setting, and for professional public contact. All clothing must be clean, wrinkle-free, unstained, in good repair and not tight fitting.  Hair, to include facial hair, must be kept neat and well groomed for a professional image. Fingernails must be kept clean, appropriate length for safety.  Jewelry should be worn in moderation.  Deodorants should be used.  Fragrances should be used in moderation, as there is an increase in population with chemical sensitivities.

Tattoos are to be covered and not exposed.  Eye rings, nose rings, lip rings, tongue rings or any other protruding rings are not to be present during working hours.

All staff members are expected to conduct themselves with the highest of standards. All staff members are expected to use discretion and good judgment in personal appearance and grooming. The following is standard practice:



Suits, sport coats, pant suits, ties, vests, blazers and sweaters that are loose fitting.
Slacks may include loose fitting dress pants.
No exposed shoulders or abdomens.
Shoes must be dress shoes but can have open toe/heel.

Medical staff must wear uniforms or scrubs. Lab coats are mandatory for OSHA compliance.
Clean white leather or simulated leather uniform/tennis shoes for all clinical staff is required.
Canvas shoes are not permitted as they present a potential infection control risk.
Socks, if worn under uniform slacks, are to be white.  Colored socks are not permitted.
Nylon stockings, worn by nursing staff, should be white.  Flesh tones are permitted.

Disciplinary Action:  is taken on a case by case basis.

Employees arriving to work in attire that does not conform to the established dress code will meet with Clinical Coordinator or appointed supervisor, to discuss how compliance will be achieved.
Depending on the severity of non-compliance, the employee may be sent home to change into appropriate attire.  Time away from the facility will not be paid.

 Timecards and Payroll:

TIME CARDS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 1:00 PM MONDAY FOLLOWING THE PAY PERIOD REGARDLESS WHETHER THEY ARE FAXED (330) 665-1044, SCANNED & EMAILED OR DROPPED OFF.  Any late timecards will result in a delay of pay for the week in question.  To obtain verification of receipt of a faxed timecard, the employee should contact payroll (not their counselor), to confirm the receipt of the timecard.  It is the responsibility of the employee  to make sure the timecard is filled out correctly and signed by the employer. Any time cards that are faxed prior to 2 hours before the end of the last working day of a workweek will be rejected.  The workweek at WorkPlace runs Sunday through Saturday. The employee will not receive a paycheck until a signed timecard is received. If it is not documented, then it was not worked. Falsifying time or records is a form of forgery and is grounds for termination. WorkPlace Staffing may prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Wages or Pay Rate:

Employees are paid on an hourly basis. Any time worked over 40 hours will be considered overtime.  HOWEVER all overtime MUST be authorized in writing to be paid.  Walking off a job or no showing will result in being paid minimum wage

Paychecks and Pay dates:

Payroll checks are dated for the Friday the following week worked and mailed out no later than Friday at 12:00 pm.  If the employee does not have direct deposit, the employee can opt to pick up their check on Fridays in lieu of having it mailed out to avoid delays. For some reason an employee does not receive their paycheck in the mail in a reasonable amount of time, we will verify that the information on file for the employee is correct and after 3 days we will stop payment on the paycheck and re-issue.  If there is a stop payment fee, the fee to the employee will be $10.  A check cannot be cut until the stop payment is approved.  In the case if the error is made by WorkPlace, a check will be issued immediately and at no charge to the employee.

Holidays and Vacations:  

Employees are eligible for holiday pay after 6 months, if they have worked 620 hours in the 16 consecutive weeks prior to the holiday week.  Employees must work the scheduled day before and the scheduled day after a holiday to be paid. The rate of pay for the holiday is based on the pay rate within the holiday week. Holidays are paid at straight time, whether or not you work the actual holiday.  Paid holidays include the following: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Holidays are not to be recorded on the timecards.  Employees are eligible for vacation after they have been on our payroll for one year and have worked 2,080 hours and have not had more than five absences in that time. Earned vacation time can be taken at any time, but the days earned must be taken together and in the actual earned calendar year for accounting reasons. If the employee is on assignment, the current employer must give approval in order for the employee to take time off.


In January each year, the employee will receive a W2 to submit with their taxes. The W2’s will come from WorkPlace Consultants LLC 2923 Smith Road, Suite 201, Akron, Ohio  44333.  W2’s are mailed the last week in January of each year. It is the employee’s responsibility to update us with any address changes as the original copy will be mailed to the most recent address that is on file.

Medical Benefits:

Beginning January 1, 2014 individuals and employees of small business will have access to insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance exchanges, also known as Obamacare.  There is a separate form for an explanation of these benefits.

Work Related Injuries: OSHA Compliance

Good judgment and common sense must be exercised in all matters of safety.  Any safety rules posted in work areas must be observed.  A superior should be consulted in regards to any questions involving proper safety practices.

Work related injuries must be reported to an immediate supervisor or senior management person at the job site as soon as possible.  An injury report must be completed and signed by the employee and by the supervisor.  All employees must notify a WorkPlace Staffing counselor within 24 hours of the incident. Employees requiring medical attention for a work related injury are to report to the nearest emergency room if necessary.

 Employees are required to report immediate and accurate report of all incidents requiring medical services.  An incident includes, but is not limited to, accidents/ injuries (e.g. needle sticks, exposure to communicable disease, falls) that occur while the employee is performing his/her job.  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to make sure that OSHA information is posted at the site and that all Reports of Injury are filed appropriately.

Failure to complete an accident report and notify your supervisor in a timely manner (48-72 hours) may delay your benefits, if any.

To the Employee:

Professional Behavior:

Acting like a professional really means doing what it takes to make others see you as reliable, respectful, and competent.  Depending on where you work and the type of job you have, this can take on many different forms.  Here are a few guidelines:

  • Be reliable – show up on time and submit your work in a timely manner – pay attention to deadlines.
  • Tell the truth and be upfront with where you stand
  • Keep your principles and values consistent.
  • Be respectful of others by taking the approach that all people matter.
  • Communicate and be respectful in your attitude, body language, voice tone and most of all your words.
  • Do not use offensive language.
  • Make good eye contact.
  • Do not interrupt while someone is talking. Wait until others are finished or the proper time to ask questions or respond to a question.
  • Refrain from repeating office gossip, such as helping to spread false or demeaning information regarding a co-worker, supervisor or the company. This is considered unethical behavior.
  • Listen Carefully – people want to be heard, so give people a chance to explain their ideas or issues properly.
  • Be positive and upbeat.
  • Be a problem solver instead of a complainer. Make a difference.
  • Support others by taking the time to show others how to do things properly.
  • Use the skills and knowledge you have to do your job well while seeking out ways of staying current in your skills and job knowledge.
  • Stay work-focused. Do not let your private life needlessly have an impact on your job. Do not spend time at work attending to personal matters.
  • Follow the policy and procedures where you work. Many hours were spent to try to keep you informed and your workplace safe.
  • Do not chit-chat with other employees
  • Do not eat at your desk especially in the receptionist area
  • Do not eat food that you have not been invited to eat
  • Keep a clean desk and area


Company Disclosure: 

 I understand that I am applying for a position with WorkPlace Consultants LLC dba WorkPlace Staffing Services.  The company is headquartered at 2923 Smith Road, Suite 201, Akron, Ohio  44333.  The telephone number is 330-926-1880 and fax number is 330-665-1044.

Should I be offered a position I acknowledge my receipt of the policies and or information about the company.  I further acknowledge that it is my responsibility to retain and to read the policies.  I have been given an opportunity to ask questions regarding policies that I have at this time.

Included in the policies:

At-Will Employment

Equal Opportunity

Application Policies

Job Offer

Finalization Process

Probation Period

Completing an Assignment

Absenteeism and/or Tardiness

Walking off and/or No Notice

Rules and Code of Conduct

Harassment on the Assignment



Drug/Alcohol Policy


Smoking Policy

Personal Phone Calls; Cell Phones; Computer Etiquette; Social Media

Dress Code

Timecards and Payroll

Wages or Pay Rate; Paychecks and Pay Dates

Holidays and Vacations


Medical Benefits

Work Related Injuries; OSHA Compliance

Professional Behavior


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