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Keep Calm & Job Search On

You may not be aware of some current realities that have an impact on your job search. Don’t panic! The more knowledge you gain about finding employment the more it will help you increase your chances of surviving “the search” while you are looking..

50 Most Common Interview Questions

Most people will need to practice or rehearse a little before an interview. Here are some of the most common questions we found that hiring heads will ask you. Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why are you..

5 Simple Steps To A Great Apology

You’re not perfect. Things happen from time to time that are uncontrollable by nature to prevent. Or maybe you are perfect….you still may have to apologize for someone else down the line still. Whether you are directly responsible or not, it doesn’t matter. Maybe..

Excuses Employees Use When In Doubt

Most employees have great potential, but sometimes excuses get in the way. As an owner, supervisor, manager or team leader it’s very important to address these insecurities and challenge your staff to tackle projects head on...

Workplace Worries

Whether you want to admit it or not we all fear something. Patiently awaiting your annual performance review or a simply meeting with a new client can cause that uneasy feeling we all know too well. So tell me, are you a victim of..