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“Fastest service I’ve ever experienced!”

Josh G. – Tallmadge, OH – Paralegal – 1/22/18

” I would highly recommend this company. My job search was getting very stressful and this company took that stress away and helped me land a great job in just one week!”

Crystal P. – Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Pharmacy Tech – 11/17/17

“I was please with both ladies, they listened to me and my concerns and were able to find a perfect job that fit my qualifications and needs.”

Denise D. – Akron, OH – Medical Biller – 10/30/17

“Thank you for your help during this time. I will tell my friends about the hard work you put in for me!”

Tyeasha K. – Macedonia, OH – Medical Front Desk – 10/30/17

“I am very pleased with the total experience. Very precise, good instruction and advice all throughout the process. I would highly recommend WorkPlace.”

Cinda S. – Wadsworth, OH – MA – 10/13/17

” I really liked working with Kerry. I felt she really did a good job at finding m ea job and really cared about finding the right fit for me. I felt her and Allison were very helpful.”

Kaitlyn T. – North Canton, OH – CMA – 10/19/17

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what WorkPlace Staffing has done for me. I was in a very unique place, switching careers at the age of 41. Trying to get a job on my own was very tough because employers didn’t understand why I wanted to change careers (and take a pay cut) at this age. Allison & Kerry understood my motivation and career goals and represented me perfectly to employers. I couldn’t have done it without them! Thank you!”

Martha S. – Uniontown, OH – Patient Services Rep – 10/25/17

“Kerry has been very instrumental in helping me obtain a position with a very reputable company. She has been encouraging to me while I was job searching. I appreciate her efforts and wan to thank her very much for pushing me.”

Vera C. – Akron, OH – Medical Front Desk – 10/20/17

“Laura was really awesome at thorough. Explained everything to a “T” and Allison did a great job cleaning up my crazy resume!”

Robert C. – Kent, OH – Case Manager – 10/3/17

“Everyone worked really hard to find me employment. Very glad I chose WorkPlace.”

Kristie C. – Canton, OH – Medical Claims Adjuster – 10/3/17

“Very helpful in placing me in the field I would do best in, based on my background.”

Desiree F. – Barberton, OH – Patient Services Rep – 9/13/17

“Laura went above and beyond for me and has been a pleasure to work with. I will always refer anyone I know to WorkPlace when looking for employment.”

Natalie E. – Akron, OH – Case Manager – 9/6/17

“I was always greeted with professionalism when I called. Always very helpful and understanding! Thank you!”

Courtney G. – West Salem, OH – LPN – 8/9/17

“Laura and Allison were both GREAT! Very helpful.”

Melisia B. – North Canton, OH – Case Manager – 8/7/17

“Very easy process with great results.”

Dalene K. – Akron, OH – Medical Biller – 8/4/17

“I really love going to work with WorkPlace! #1 in my book to call when I am looking for employment. They always match me with the best fitting position and competitive pay within the job market.”

Veronica M. – Twinsburg, OH – Medical Assistant – 7/28/17

“How quick and efficient both Allison and Laura were about getting myself full-time permanent employment. Coaching and revising my resume helped a lot. Thank you to both of you for the tips on interviewing that landed me the job offer.”

Suzzette B. – Lakewood, OH – Medical Biller – 7/21/17

“Kerry is always jumping in at the right time for wonderful opportunities. Great asset to the company.”

Ramona S. – Akron, OH – Medical Front Desk – 7/21/17

“Very helpful and great with advice. Everyone is very involved with helping you start a career! Laura and Allison also really express their belief in you which is super encouraging. Thank you so much!”

Tess I. – North Canton – Case Manager – 7/17/17

“I thought this would be a long, complicated and frustrating process, but working with both Kerry & Allison was pretty much comforting and quick! I will gladly recommend both of them in the future!”

Amy M. – Tallmadge, OH – Medical Biller – 7/11/17

“Everyone that I have delt with here has been so very nice and helpful!”

Kimberly M. – Mogadore, OH – Medical Biller – 6/21/17

“Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful. They all made me feel very comfortable and listened carefully to my needs!”

Brittany H. – Atwater, OH – LPN – 6/16/17

“Everyone was very nice and helpful! Thanks for helping me get my new job and career back on track with a great company!”

Jamie M. – Sherrodsville, OH – CMA – 6/14/17

“Very easy to talk to. Made me feel very comfortable/confident in my search. Kept me up to date with communication.”

Brenda H. – Massillon, OH – LPN – 6/8/17

“Everyone was so helpful throughout the entire process!”

Ellisha L. – Willoughby, OH – LPN – 6/2/17

“Laura has always been quick to return my calls and is very understanding and kind!”

Nicole F. – Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Medical Assistant – 4/12/17

” I appreciate all the help and everyone being on top of their job!”

Quay A. – Akron, OH – Self Pay – 4/4/17

“I am very pleased with everything which was done for me in finding employment. This was a pleasant experience and the staff is incredible!”

Tracey W. – Warrensville Heights, OH – Administrative Assistant – 3/9/2017

“Fantastic Job! Made me feel at east during the whole process.”

Chad R. – Akron, OH – Customer Service – 2/27/2017

“The process was easy and painless. It was a pleasure.”

Ryan B. – Stow, OH – Customer Service – 2/24/2017

“The WorkPlace Staff was professional, understanding of the needs I was looking for in an employer, and successful in finding me a company that was a perfect fit!”

Eve S. – Cleveland, OH – Executive Administrative Assistant – 2/23/20107

“Allison and Erna were both absolutely fantastic! Upbeat and very friendly. I was and still am very satisfied with my experience. I started spreading the word as soon as I could.”

Brianna W. – Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Office Assistant – 1/25/2017

“Kerry was extremely helpful and very informative. She exceeded my expectations and put me in a position to succeed.”

Aubrey A. – Akron, OH – Medical Biller – 12/2/2016

“This is the best company I have ever worked for.  Also, like I told you I would, I am killing it here.  I got put on the phones the last week of September and hit the monthly quota set on my accounts.  For the month of October I already hit monthly quota on BOTH of my accounts last Friday (The only one in the entire company to do so this month).  I have already had very positive conversations with the owners, my unit manager, and both of my account managers about my potential and ways of going about getting promoted.  My unit manager already informed me that they just signed a huge important client that we meet with in November and they chose me to attend the meeting and work the file to make sure it is done correctly.  Thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity.  I really do appreciate how professional and honest you and your staff were with me throughout the process.  Every one I talk to I make sure I let them know that you guys found me and got my foot in the door!!  I hope you have a great rest of the week!”

Keith V. -Massillon, OH – Business Development Manager – 10/18/2016

“I had a pleasant experience with the staff. They really listened to my wants and needs and was able to place me quickly in an office that I really enjoy working in. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a permanent position. Thank you for all your help!”

Misty M. – Strasburg, OH – CMA – 10/15/2016

“I just wanted to send everyone there a heart felt thank you for helping me find the job here.  I know that it was a rush getting me in here and I appreciate all of the hard work that everyone does there. I was very impressed by the professional atmosphere and positive employees that your company has. If I ever run across anyone working for an agency I will direct them your way.”

Donald M. – Barberton, OH – Business Development Manager – 10/7/2016

“It was a pleasure meeting with you and for making me feel at ease, while learning more about the position and about your company. I was awe-struck with your office, staff and the programs you have in place, and your commitment to helping the community and your patients.”

Ramona N. – Cleveland, OH – Medical Professional – 9/30/2016

“The ladies I worked with were amazing! I felt very comfortable and confident with them. If I, or anyone I know needs help finding a job I will recommend WorkPlace Staffing! Thank you ladies so much!”

Bobbie W. – Ravenna, OH – Front Desk – 8/23/2016

“First time using a staffing service. Amazing experience!”

Mark R. – Lodi, OH – Business Development Manager – 8/16/2016

“Quick and straight to business, which is great!”

Nikisha J. – Akron, OH – Case Manager – 8/12/2016

“Allison & Laura have gone above and beyond to help me. Thanks again for everything!”

Kelly P. – Medina, OH – Chart Prep – 8/5/2016

“The group was able to find me a position the first time out!”

Jameel H. – Akron, OH – CSR Case Manager – 6/30/2016

“I was not expecting such fast service and was completely impressed with the short amount of time, and mostly with the employer. Thank you so much!”

Marva W. – Akron, OH – Medical Front Desk – 6/28/2016

“Laura has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has continued to reach out to help me in my time of need! I truly appreciate her as well as the company and my place of new employment!”

Erin J. – Akron, OH – Call Center Rep – 6/27/2016

“Thank you so much Kerry! I’m so grateful to have worked with WorkPlace Staffing and to be working directly for your client now. I am so thankful for all the effort your staff has put into getting me here. I’m so pleased. Thank you all so very much!!!”

Brandon S. – Cuyahoga Falls – Help Desk – 6/10/2016

“I still can’t believe WorkPlace Staffing found me a job so quickly and its not just a job to me, it’s my career. Thank you so much!”

Connie B. – Ravenna, OH – CMA – 6/6/2016

“I really appreciate the coaching/guidance on the pre-interview and post interview responses. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with at WorkPlace was always very professional, kind and helpful.”

Dorothy L. – Westlake, OH – Charge Entry – 5/20/2016

“Very friendly & very informative”

Tammy D. – Wadsworth, OH – Medical Biller – 5/18/2016

“Great attitudes and very helpful. Made me feel very welcome!”

Cortney C. – Rootstown, OH – CMA – 5/10/2016

“So happy with everything…just SO glad I found you guys! Thanks again!”

Rebecca K. – Middleburg Heights, OH – Manager – 5/6/2016

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all of your help. Thank you for having faith in me as a person & potential employee. Your positiveness is certainly contagious! You have helped improve my life and the lives of my family!”

Christina C. – Tallmadge, OH – LPN – 4/18/2016

“Very happy! They got me in and out within a week! I came into sign up and within a week I had a job.”

Dayla S. – Youngstown, OH – Front Desk/MA – 4/7/2016

“Erna is very professional and her performance is exemplary.”

Raymond G. – Willoughby, OH – Payroll Tax Specialist – 3/29/2016

“Love you guys! I tell everyone I know who is searching for a job to come see you! :)”

Amanda Z. – Akron, OH – Cash Application Specialist – 3/29/2016

” WorkPlace Staffing has been incredibly helpful in getting me a job. They gave me valuable advice and guidance.”

Nils D. – Akron, OH – Business Development Manager – 3/23/2016

“I felt like Erna had an understanding of what I wanted. She was easy to talk to and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I have never went through a staffing agency and Erna has made me think different about using one.”

Monique L. – Akron, OH – Purchasing Associate – 2/24/2016

“Kerry and Allison were great! Thanks for your professionalism and finding me work so quickly!”

Shavontae G. – Akron, OH – Charge Entry Poster – 2/8/2016

“I adore you ladies!”

Debra B. – Hartville, OH – Business Development Manager – 2/5/2016

“They understood my situation with my current job and were very quick to get to work on finding me a better fit.”

Tanisha L. – Akron, OH – Medical Front Desk – 1/21/2016

“Very grateful for how quickly I was hired!”

Kathy V. – Akron, OH – Cash Posting – 1/13/2016

“Allison has been working with me for a week to help me find the perfect job that fits my needs and I’m very grateful for that. She always understood when I was having a problem or concerns and she helped me to her best ability to make sure that I was happy and comfortable.”

Kandice B. – Akron, OH – Cash Application Specialist – 1/5/2016

“Friendly and professional. Their interaction made me feel confident in having an advocate for my professional development.”

Finesse J. – Fairlawn, OH – Redemption Assistant – 12/10/2015

“WorkPlace Staff did an excellent job helping and guiding with my new employment. I thank you guys for all the hard work and dedication that you have shown me over the past several years working through your company. I wish you guys the best of luck and thank you for all that you do!”

Patricia W. – Akron, OH – CMA – 11/5/2015

“Had a great experience! Very friendly atmosphere & found a great company very quickly!”

Mary G. – Akron, OH – Business Development Manager – 11/3/2015

“Dawn was very encouraging through the job seeking process. She motivated me and placed me in a great position! She listened to my needs and analyzed my skills and experience to place me in the perfect job!”

Davetta S. – Akron, OH – Patient Services Rep – 10/30/2015

“Allison & Laura were both more than helpful and enthusiastic about helping me find something to fit me professionally. There were very friendly, positive and exceptionally encouraging.”

Amy J. – Canton, OH – Office Support – 10/26/2015

“Allison was very helpful during the process. She gave excellent coaching which made me more confident. Laura also was amazing during my interview, giving me pointers on how to have a positive interview.”

Princess P. – Akron, OH – Business Development Manager – 10/14/2015

“Allison and her partner were very flexible with me and my schedule. My experience this far has been extra, over the top!”

Breanna M. – Kent, OH – CMA – 10/12/2015

“Everyone made me feel extremely good! What an ego booster! I would love to have any of them cheer leading on the sideline for me!”

Melanie L. – Akron, OH – CMA – 9/29/2015

“Laura never gave up on me although it took a while to find the right placement for me. I trusted her to find me a job and she did!”

Dawn R. – Kent, OH – Title Coordinator – 8/21/2015

“This has been the most professional staffing experience that I have been a pleasure to be a part of. Thank to the entire staff for their hard work and understanding of what position I was looking for.”

Robert J. – Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Business Development Manager – 8/7/2015

“I appreciate all of the hard work to find me a new place to work and getting a position that allows for growth.”

Shawn L. – Akron, OH – Business Development Manager – 7/17/2015

“Amazing group of women!”

Randi M. – Uniontown, OH – Medical Assistant – 7/16/2015

“Deb was very engaging and made me feel right “at home” during this process. She kept me informed throughout and was patient with me even when I was not able to return her calls immediately.”

Sarah S. – Alliance, OH – LPN – 6/20/2015

“Laura has always been polite, courteous and prompt in working with me. Her professional and understanding demeanor made me feel very at ease and that she was trustworthy in her efforts. A great pleasure to work with!”

Regina G. – Akron, OH – CMA – 6/18/2015

“I’m very happy with my experience with WorkPlace! Kerry and Allison are very supportive and positive!”

Barbara M. – Massillon, OH – Medical Biller – 5/22/2015

“Very helpful and considerate, felt like I was someone they were interested in helping in anyway possible.”

Karen H. – Mogadore, OH – Patient Services Rep – 5/11/2015

“Thank you for helping me find the right fitting job and going beyond your time to help me land this position!”

Janire M. – Akron, OH – Patient Services Representative – 5/1/2015

“Entire staff was friendly, encouraging and calming. Pleasure to work with. I especially appreciate Kerry and Allison’s help in building my confidence in myself! Thank you WorkPlace!”

Carol E. – Stow, OH – Customer Service – 4/20/2015

“I’m not just stating this because she found me placement, but Laura is amazing. I informed her of my job preference  and she found it. I informed her of my child being born and she rescheduled my interviews, kept me informed on the job status, ect. She made herself available through text messages and she is dedicated and I appreciate that.”

Shawn L. – Akron, OH – Property & Casualty Agent – 4/13/2015

“Deb did a great and efficient job in finding me employment. She kept me updated throughout the entire process as well. Always appreciated.”

Anthony R. – Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Title Coordinator – 4/8/2015

“They were able to coach me through the interview process and I was offered a position!”

Maria D. – Akron, OH – Medical Billers – 4/6/2015

“Deb takes her role seriously, very professional, great to work with and very kind.”

Tonya M. – Akron, OH – LPN – 3/13/2015

“Laura was an amazing counselor! She was very attentive and listened to all of my concerns. I cant believe she found me a position in less than a month! I wish I would have known about this service sooner!”

Victoria T. – Wadsworth, OH – Business Development Manager – 3/12/15

“I am overcome with gratitude for the opportunities I have been presented with. I see great dedication and it is very appreciated.”

Jessica F. – Akron, OH – Medical Biller – 2/23/2015

“Laura really did a good job finding not only a job I can do but a company that is growing. Thank you for your hard work!”

Marcy R. – Ravenna, OH – Precertification Specialist – 2/20/2015

“Allison as well as Deb blew my mind away. I’ve used other temporary agencies that have completely blown me off. I was able to obtain a job days after joining their agency and I couldn’t appreciate it more! Both are super friendly and great people!”

Samantha G. – Stow, OH – Medical Biller – 2/19/2015

“Very specific in meeting my personal needs. Understanding the challenges o finding placement.  Always available when I call or email. Love Kerry, she is upfront and has an honest approach at working together to find a position that is not only a good fit for a potential employee but for myself the employee.”

Carmen D. – Tallmadge, OH – Medical Biller – 2/18/2015

“Very friendly on the phone. Always put my needs first. Worked hard and was placed in a position within a week.”

Ramona S. – Akron, OH – Medical Office Support – 2/13/2015

“I was very pleased with the staff – I found them to be very professional and caring.”

Laverne F. – Copley, OH – Property & Casualty Agent – 2/10/2015

“Everyone was awesome! Professional, efficient and got incredibly fast results! Thank you!”

Marilyn R. – Massillon, OH – Medical Front Desk Supervisor – 2/6/2015

“Thank you so much for your help in starting my new chapter in life.”

Dawna P. – Akron, OH – Title Processor – 1/29/2015

“Wonderful company to work with!”

Shannon R. – Barberton, OH – Patient Liaison – 1/21/2015

“Kerry was my main point of contact and a pleasure to work with. She displayed excellent communication habits and kept me informed throughout. Thanks!”

Trevor C. – Akron, OH – Business Development Manager – 1/16/2015

“Everyone was exceptional – striving for excellence is key & it was exemplified during my experience. Deb was wonderful, she was a great coach. She gave me great advice on interviewing.”

Melissa W. – Mogadore, OH – Customer Service – 12/1/2014

“I feel WorkPlace is the best way of finding employment. I dont think I would ever go to seek employment without going through WorkPlace.”

Barbara D. – Uniontown, OH – Medical Back Office – 10/31/2014

“Outstanding! Thank you for the coaching and advice to someone who has not had to “search” for a job in a long time!”

Gene C. – Streetsboro, OH – Operations Manager – 10/24/2014

“Deb and the staff are absolutely amazing. I would recommend any one to this agency.”

Aleathea H. – Akron, OH – CSR Case Manager – 10/21/2014

“Very easy to talk to. Answered all of my questions. Loved how she worked with me since I am currently moving from Columbus.”

Tanya A. – Canton, OH – Certified Medical Assistant – 10/6/2014

“Kerry and Allison were very professional and worked well to find me a position very quickly.”

Rebecca G. – Akron, OH – Medical Biller – 10/6/2014

“Allison is very outgoing and energetic. Extremely friendly and professional. A pleasure to work with. Deb is kind and pleasant. Always smiling.”

Missy H. – Canal Fulton, OH – Traveling Medical Assistant – 10/3/2014

“Kerry answered all my questions almost before I had a chance to ask them, with a smile. I felt she was sincere in helping me land the job. I was apprehensive about using a temp service to find a job but after meeting with WorkPlace Staff I would definitely recommend using them to a friend.”

Danielle H. – New Franklin, OH – Traveling LPN – 9/29/2014

“Kerry did an outstanding job! She had me out on an interview and placed in a position in less than one week. Always professional and pleasant! This has been a very positive experience.”

Linda R. – Stow, OH – Bookkeeper – 9/25/2014

“I loved getting to work with Kerry! She made me feel comfortable and very prepared for every step of the process.”

Makara G. – Barberton, OH – Business Development Manager – 9/22/2014

“I am extremely satisfied with my experience at WorkPlace Staffing. The turn around time and urgency of placing me in the right position is outstanding. I am very thankful for Kerry and Allison, they always made sure to inform me of all opportunities and made me feel so confident going through my interview process.”

Lauren Z. – Peninsula, OH – Business Development Manager – 9/10/2014

“Excellent company to work with. All needs, concerns and questions fully met. I would recommend WorkPlace Staffing Services to anyone seeking clerical or clinical work.”

Michelle C. – Wadsworth, OH – Traveling LPN – 9/10/2014

“Welcoming & encouraging. Informative. Thanks!”

Suzanne W. – Akron, OH – Customer Service – 8/27/2014

” They did a fantastic job helping me through my journey to find employment!”

Jennifer C. – Stow, OH – Certified Medical Assistant – 8/20/2014

“WorkPlace Staffing is the best company to do business with. They are very professional and work their best to get you exactly what you are looking for in a position that best suites your needs and pay.”

Christine G. – Akron, OH – Traveling Medical Front Desk – 7/29/2014

“WorkPlace and it’s staff are wonderful, kind and professional. Thank you everyone!”

Sharon W. – Cleveland Heights, OH – Traveling Medical Assistant – 7/22/2014

“Very quick interview and was hired by a very good company with excellent benefits.”

Barry C. – Akron, OH – Medical Assistant – 7/21/2014

“Allison is an amazing counselor and a pleasure to work with! I am so grateful to her and WorkPlace for all of their help!”

Vanessa E. – Akron, OH – Medical Biller – 7/9/2014

“Very efficient & on top of the entire process.”

Linda Jane C. – Canal Fulton, OH – RN Clinical Manager – 6/13/2014

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Allison and was extremely impressed with her professionalism and courteous manner. I also had a brief meeting with Kerry and was highly impressed. The entire office has been wonderful and very friendly!”

Ernest K. – Akron, OH Escrow Assistant – 6/12/2014

“Deb was wonderful in helping me find a new career!”

Breanna H. – Ravenna, OH – Customer Service – 5/22/2014

“I have had an overall great experience with this company!”

Katherine B. – Stow, OH – Medical Biller – 5/15/2014

“I appreciate the work you did to get me an interview . . . It all happened so fast that it’s just now starting to ‘sink in’. This is going to be a great move for me. Thank you for making it happen.”

Tobi K. Medical Assistant

“I just wanted to say thank you for working so fast in finding me such a great company! I’m sure my experience will be a great one. Again, thank you so very much!”

Toi M. Medical Coder

“WorkPlace was very helpful in making me feel comfortable. Their kind & warm personality along with their professionalism is an asset to anyone who has the pleasure to work with them.”

Debbie G. Office Administrator

“I have had a very pleasurable experience working with WorkPlace. They have been very positive and helpful. I really appreciate them finding me a position that fit my needs so quickly. Thanks a lot!”

Beth M. Medical Assistant

“Kerry made me feel very comfortable and at home within the company. She kept in constant contact with me to update me as to waht was going on with the companies that I interviewed with. I feel that this is the best overall experience that I have ever had with a staffing company!”

Melinda B. Customer Service

“Kerry is exceptionally friendly and professional and treated me like a real person. Most temporary services are cold and rude. WorkPlace is warm and friendly!”

Kathie D.

“I feel that Kerry went above and beyond the call of duty. She always was in touch with me and informed me honestly of her progress every step of the way.”

Stephanie P.

“Kerry was really understanding of my needs and concerns – She was always willing to talk and offer advice with any concern I had.”

Donna N.

“Kerry has the patience of a saint! She really went out of the way for me no other company has done for me what WorkPlace has done! God Bless!”

Tammie J.

“Kerry was wonderful! She is very pleasant & worked very quickly in placing me! She was a great help in updating my resume, as well as giving me helpful tips during interviewing.”

Kimberly S.